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23 04, 2017

Cartier took reserve in MAPACA’s walking fleece!

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Proud to co-own this champion with Buck brook alpacas!!

21 04, 2017

Ready to go at Mapaca

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Holly is all set up and ready to show all we do at the mill. Stop by the booth and see! 

12 04, 2017

Rain today on the Pacas!

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Of course they don't really care. rain or shine they are out there! 

11 04, 2017

Finally the start of Spring!

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Time to fix the fences and let those girls back on the fields! Rejoice it's spring! 

31 03, 2017

Double Championship for Cartier!!!

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Rob and I are thrilled! TAG Cartier just took double grey female Championships at NAAS and Expo. We are proud to co-own Cartier and her dam with Justin and Kara from Buck Brook Alpacas. Her dam is rebred to Cartiers sire!! This makes 5 championships for Cartier. Excellent!! And thanks Holly for showing our girl!

30 03, 2017

Rosehaven Mill setup at NAAS/Expo alpaca show 2017!!!

By | March 30th, 2017|News|Comments Off on Rosehaven Mill setup at NAAS/Expo alpaca show 2017!!!

Here is the setup Holly has at the North American Alpaca Show and North Expo Alpaca show. Our product looks great!! I think our batts look like Cotton Candy!!! stop by the booth and check our products out. If you have fleece you want to turn into batts, roving or rug yarn - bring your [...]

25 03, 2017


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Holly is at Buckeye with some of our alpacas to show - but she set up our booth for people to see what our fiber mill is producing!! If you are at the show please stop by. And of course you can also go to our website to the yarn and roving section under the [...]

17 03, 2017

Snow Stella at the farm

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Here is left over Stella on our deck - 30" and more. won't be seeing this deck for a while..... Alpacas are all snowpacas and happy

16 03, 2017

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This past saturday we were very happy to receive the Sullivan County Transformation Award fromĀ  Sullivan County Renaissance. We received some great certificates from Senator Bonacic, Representative Aileen Gunther and the Sullivan County Legislature headed by Chairman Luis Alvarez. Thank you to all of them and especially to the Renaissance committee for actually [...]

28 12, 2016

Bryant Park

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Our days at Bryant Park are almost at a close. We will be there until January 2nd, but we will be closed on New Years Day!  Happy New Year to everyone! May 2017 be the most wonderful year yet!!   Christmas at the farm