While everyone has their own personal style, all wardrobes have 3-10 circulating pieces that serve as the wardrobe base or “go-to” item. These items are our wardrobe staples.

Retail products are available in nearly unlimited variety, and with so much to choose from, you have every right to be a picky consumer. It is also your duty, however, to be an educated consumer when selecting your hallowed staple pieces.

These pieces of clothing, after all, provide the necessary framework for any complete wardrobe.

When it comes to staples of both fashion and function, alpaca is one fine fiber.

This durable, naturally soft material has slowly evolved from a purely practical tool, to a stylish (and popular) source of clothing. In fact, the fashion conglomerate Armani has used Suri Alpaca fiber for lines of men’s and women’s suits.

If the fashion world has taken notice, shouldn’t you? With 22 natural colors and more than 300 shades in between, it’s easy to integrate alpaca fiber into your wardrobe. Here’s why:

  • Classic Style – Alpacas produce a great natural fiber that can be used on any item of clothing. Hats, scarves, shawls, wraps, sweaters, and suits are just some of the products that regularly use alpaca. The flexible fiber allows you to take any basic staple and incorporate your own personal style, with the available variety of colors, textures, and patterns. Simply replacing your polyester scarf with an original, soft alpaca scarf is an easy way to integrate some luxurious form and function into your wardrobe.
  • Quality – It is no secret that alpaca fiber can be a tad pricey, but like any great investment piece, you are directly paying for the “sheer” quality of the product.  Like many other natural fibers, such as cotton, wool, or silk, alpaca fiber is extremely durable. Alpaca fiber is touted by most to be hypoallergenic. It is also anti-flammable and water repellant, not to mention warm and extremely durable. Clothing pieces from alpaca fiber can be worn rain or shine, any time of the year. Considered a gift to man by the Andean gods in ancient South America, alpaca fiber has stood the test of time as a highly valued and heavily desired material.
  • Comfort – Alpaca fur is super soft, often softer than cashmere, and is the perfect material for a cozy staple sweater. Alpaca fiber can have a light or heavy weight, depending on how it is spun, and is considered by many to be the ultimate comfort material.

Great style starts with great basics. The flexibility and superb quality of alpaca fiber products make it a great choice when seeking to step up your wardrobe.