Alpaca fever has hit many of us. Has it hit you too? When we were starting our research of alpacas we didn’t understand how to agist. We kept hearing the term agist, but thought it was just a sales ploy. It is so far from a ploy and if we had known early what it truly meant we probably would have purchased alpacas a couple of years earlier. We would have learned faster and more in depth about alpacas, from medical, nutrition to breeding and birthing.

If you are interested in alpacas and understand the income potential and the tax advantages and want to be close to where they are, agisting might be a way to begin with alpacas. We strongly recommend that you get a place that is within an easy commuting distance for you so you can get some hands on experience and enjoy your alpacas. Grab a chair and go sit in the field with the pacas! You’ll enjoy the peace and quiet and the friendly paca faces coming to check you out.

Rosehaven Alpacas would gladly agist your alpacas here. No matter where you purchased them from, all alpacas are welcome here. Keep them here and grow your herd then move them when you are ready for your farm. On our farm agisting is a way to be a part of the farm and not having to own it lock stock and barrel!

Very soon we will be installing agistment cameras so you can view your alpacas from your own computer at work or at home. Take a little bit of the farm with you wherever you go. I’m not sure if the boss will appreciate the humming coming from your computer, but you will.

Should you have interest in this service feel free to contact us.

Service policy

1. Agisting fee $3 a day.
2. Includes daily care, nutrition, routine vet care, toe nail clipping, vaccinations and monthly worming.
3. Nutrition needs, including hay, feeds and minerals.
4. Your alpacas live with our alpacas, separate pastures for males and females. And eventually separate pastures for mothers with crias.
5. Coming soon, agisting cameras.
6. Page on our website for your alpacas, if desired.