Everyone loves cash – but not everyone (including ourselves) can purchase without the help of financing. In this investment conscience world financing is a viable and helpful tool for investors. Rosehaven Alpacas recognizes that and offers a variety of financing programs.

  • Cash deal 5% off
  • No interest on contracts of less than 1 year
  • 8% interest on contracts of more than 1 year
  • Financing of up of 4 years with 25% down
  • Free breedbacks to any or our studs
  • Free breedings for maidens
  • Free boarding up to 60 days
  • All alpacas (financed) must be fully insured for mortality with Rosehaven Alpacas named as co-beneficiary until alpacas are fully paid.

And we are open to hearing alternatives to the above plans. Please let us know.