We at Rosehaven Alpacas feel vastly educated on the startup process of researching and owning alpacas. Since our research started over 4 years ago, we have shelves of research material and pages of favorites marked on the computer. (Okay maybe we overdid the research a bit; but what we have can benefit you) We don’t have the answers to everything, then again, no one really does. But we can point you in a direction or connect you with other Alpaca owners who can help you with questions. And since we actually started 2 farms at basically the same time, we can discuss retrofitting barns for alpacas or building barns from scratch. We didn’t need to clear our fields but can point you to someone who did. We can show you the different kinds of fencing available and the different security systems.

If you are starting out and have a lot of questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We aren’t one of the big farms — their knowledge is terrific and we all will need it. But on the day to day Oh my! How Do I deal with this question we can help. Again, if we don’t know the answer we definitely know where to get it.